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I Am Royal

I Am Royal

106K Reads 3.9K Votes 15 Part Story
A.C. Leigh By PembrokeA Completed

Willow is completely happy. Then she's taken from her normal life and dumped into a royal nightmare.

'...she knew without a doubt her mother had known what she had been writing, and she would never lie like that. Somehow, for some reason, Prince Roger of Fengland was her father. But who wanted a prince for a father? Maybe a girl who had never grown up with the freedom of her kind of life. Maybe a girl who had been raised to adore the storybook princess. But not Willow Maria Jane Cartier. She had been born a gypsy and she wanted nothing to do with her 'father'.'
                                                                            - Chapter 2 'Half-Brother?'

  • action
  • family
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • gypsy
  • henry
  • prince
  • princess
  • royalty
  • wattys2018
  • willow