Forever Green

Forever Green

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Lauren-o de Bergerac By lavenderstar Updated May 17

*Wattys Shortlisted!* 
A witch.  A hunter.  And a curse.


Theiden Guster hadn't intended to abandon his family.  But after trying to kill the witch named Lenesa Evergreen, he ends up miles from home as her captive instead.  High up in the mountains, the rules of the city no longer apply, and he is forced to face off against the wild and the weird, all the while looking for a chance to strike the witch down in a moment of weakness and make his escape.

But the witch needs his help.  A dark and vengeful presence is growing in the forest, thirsting for the blood of those in the city, and the witch hunters are preparing to cleanse the mountains in a brutal final attack.  Lenesa knows there's not much hope for her ever-worsening condition, but is willing to do whatever it takes to bring peace back to the land and stop the bloodshed.  If she's lucky, she'll be able to see the dawn of a new era before succumbing to her affliction.  Yet with hardly a plan and very little time, the odds do not appear in her favor, and it seems each step she takes brings about more harm than good.


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