Guardian of Rome

Guardian of Rome

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Melissa By tall_girl Completed

She defied an empire.

Five months have passed since Krista and her band of gladiators delivered a swift and humiliating defeat to the Roman army.  

Now Krista has become the leader of a slave rebellion that travels across Rome, freeing slaves from their chains and killing their masters; their numbers growing vast as people flock to their cause.

But as Krista builds her forces to march against the rising power of tyranny, the Gladiatrix has become accustomed to a level of violence that begins to strain her relationship with those she loves most.

Meanwhile, back in Rome, the Empress is devising her own plans for a swift victory as she conscripts vast legions from across the empire and calls on 'The Destroyer'.

With a terrifying record of more than fifty bouts; no losses or draws, he is arguably the greatest Gladiator ever to have lived. 

But as war starts to loom; a new enemy shall present itself to Krista. One that is more deadly than Rome itself and threatens to take the very thing that matters most to the Gladiatrix. 

Treachery, murder and lies are only a few of the things Krista will have to navigate as she searches for who she is, and all she can become if she is to succeed. 

As all roads lead to Rome and a war that will shape the world.


Deos Fortioribus adese - The gods are on the side of the stronger

Book 2 of the Gladiator series and sequel to 'Gladiator of Rome'.
All Rights Reserved.

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EstherMwawasi EstherMwawasi Feb 26, 2017
You are an amaizing writer. I cried so much. From the first book..I hate slavery poverty war
TheHeir4 TheHeir4 Nov 24, 2015
You have no idea how much I anticipated for this book to come out!
Slickalan Slickalan Aug 17, 2015
.. .
                              .. .
                              . . 
MargarettaJamero MargarettaJamero Mar 31, 2015
I was so confused to know whether which one is the right part of this story. maybe you could change your cover into something more appropriate for the readers' knowledge.
tall_girl tall_girl Nov 19, 2014
@Legs666 i have a few .... but none of them fit her exactly. maybe a mixture of them x
tall_girl tall_girl Sep 03, 2014
@averyfail Then you may love my first book; 'Gladiator of Rome'. This book is the sequel. 
                              Sorry, advertising over, THANK YOU for reading xx