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"His eyes, cold and dark, told a story, but I couldn't read him. He seemed to have a lock that guarded his heart, unfortunately there was no key..."

Dark was dangerous, dangerously dark. He was full of many secrets and lies, which were begging to be told, but yet he stayed quiet. So quiet it was unnerving. Everyone knew he was dark and dangerous though. After all, That was his name: Dark. 
He was very secretive, but will those secrets come out when he meets Wintry Mara Storm? A incredibly shy, quiet, conservative, hardworking girl, who stumbles upon him and his friends  one dark night.

What will Wintry do when she discovers what Dark's secret is and she's forced to take part in it. Will she make it out ok in the end?

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UnnecessaryComentary UnnecessaryComentary Jun 15, 2017
How do you pronounce her name? I keep saying wind+tree .. wintry
marixza7 marixza7 Jan 22
2 and a half hours?? damn girl you must be a popsicle stick by then 😂😂
SM43834 SM43834 Oct 14, 2017
Funny how all think she picked a man over her daughter, what if she never was with a man and she was in a meeting or something
Rand129 Rand129 Dec 14, 2016
My mother would be like find somewhere to wait don't move I'm on the way before i have time to tell her to pick me up
TrueAnonymus TrueAnonymus Sep 17, 2016
My parents drive me to school and drive me back home no matter what....i have never ever been outside without them
thesad3o4 thesad3o4 Dec 31, 2016
you might've missed this but that should be 'they're' not to be rude