To Kill A Dragonborn

To Kill A Dragonborn

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Wolfie By TheLoneWolfGirl Completed

Book Two of the Honor and Glory Trilogy

After the unexpected attack on Jorrvaskr, Ylva Sky-Shatterer has discovered a note that talks about the small island of Solstheim and some strange man called Miraak. The name Miraak sounds so familiar, like she should know him, but the meaning of the name eludes her. Whoever this man is, he sent two people to kill her, and now she must find out why. So her husband, Vilkas, his brother, Farkas, the Companions's new recruit, Tyra, and Ylva are to set out to Solstheim. They have to find out who this Miraak is, and soon. Ylva has no idea what to expect, but she does know one thing. This adventure will end with either Miraak or herself at the end of the other's blade.

NOTE: I do not own Skyrim, its quest lines, or its dialogue. I only own my original characters and dialogue.

Prequel: Honor and Glory
Sequel: Victory or Sovngarde

It might just be me, but who here thinks Tyra and Farkas are gonna get together ;3
sweetrollstealer sweetrollstealer Aug 19, 2015
Suuuuuuuuuper psyched to read this! :D I'm curious as to see what hardships you will throw her way, but hopefully nothing will happen to Ylvilkas (Is that the right ship name? XD).
Lxilan Lxilan Aug 08, 2015
I absolutely love this! It's exactly what I was looking for: a story about the dragon born that isn't explicit but still romantic and has its fair share of action! Can't wait for the next update
Emerald_Parrish Emerald_Parrish Jul 03, 2015
Tyra is like the nicest at burning people. "Well it's your place too Harbinger."