ABSOLUTE ROYALTY (Seijuro Akashi fanfiction)

ABSOLUTE ROYALTY (Seijuro Akashi fanfiction)

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〰️mochi〰️ By shooknae Completed



Seijuro Akashi, Prince of Rakuzan, known as the RED EMPEROR, went on conquering countless kingdoms. The Prince gets banished from Rakuzan grounds by the king himself. Akashi, conceals his identity and leaves the kingdom. The Prince who is now in disguise meets Akira, who has spent almost her entire life hating him with a passion and waiting to kill him. Akira and Akashi fall in love with each other, while keeping their identities concealed from one another. What happens when their distinction is revealed? Will Akira succumb to her love or will she take her revenge by slaying him? What will she do when she discovers that the person she loves is the same one she has despised all her life?

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HoneyStarDrops HoneyStarDrops Mar 31, 2016
Omg i luv the start already, i luv it so much u dont even know