Shattered: Book 1 *COMPLETED*

Shattered: Book 1 *COMPLETED*

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Sei By SeiLeen04 Completed

Akashi Seijuro
The Known Absolute Emperor... 

(Last name) (First name)
His childhood friend and the person whose Heart longs to be his Empress

Would you still love the One and Only Emperor, who breaks your already shattered Heart?
Can He bring back the love he lost?

KNB Fanfiction (Akashi Seijuro x Reader) 

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Warning: R-PG13 for cussing and cursing

I do not own Kuroko no Basuke and the Characters. All rights belongs to Tadatoshi Fujimaki

(date started) January 23, 2015

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prismsky prismsky Jul 18, 2016
You know it's great to see a lot of completed fan fictions but for some odd reason when I add the filter completed  for like 2 pages it was filled with one-shots 😂. So I came on to a KnB playlist a went through this! After like 50 fanfiction this one caught my eye. Great work!
aka_tenshii aka_tenshii Aug 23, 2016
OUCH 💔 im now litsening his character song and i stopped... It hurts
lupiusmoon lupiusmoon Feb 29, 2016
(speaking even though iz too late) ANYTHING EXCEPT THE LATTER!! ANYTHING EXCEPT 'not'!!!
xooxxx xooxxx Jan 31, 2015
Hii!! Thank youu!! But actually, I'm still not that good XD I'm still an amateur too! Glad that you are inspired by me! Anyway, keep going! I wish you the best of luck! ^^