In love with my stepdad

In love with my stepdad

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Hey wassup hello...So my name is Heaven and I'm 18 I'm da only child and I'm from New Orleans I have long hair and I'm thick in all da right places and I'm 5'0 short ik well bye 

Chris POV
Hey wassup y'all its Chris brown I'm from New Orleans I'm 22 years old and I'm 6'9 tall ik lol but bye 

Angel POV
Hey guys it's angel I'm Chris girlfriend and heaven is my daughter I'm 30 years old have long hair and thick in all the right places and I'm 5'6 bye

Angel-heaven come downstairs I want you to meet somebody 
Angel-heaven babeh this is Chris my boyfriend Chris dis heaven my daughter 
Angel-heaven show him his room please I'm going get sum from da store then I gotta go go da mall
Me-okay mommy be safe 
Chris-bye babeh
Me-so follow me 
Chris-ight lil mama
Me-haha okay 
Chris-(biting my lip)
Me-okay so yo room right next to mines 
Chris-wait maw
Chris-(kisses her)
Me-what was dat
Chris-oh I'm sorry 
Chris-you ju...

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So she a hoe cuz she had her kid at 12🤔couldve been raped ANYTHING🙄💯😪
BarksdaleChild1 BarksdaleChild1 Aug 17, 2016
She is not short...shiddd I'm only 5'6 bitch got some height on meh