True Love Conquers All (sequel to Loving You)

True Love Conquers All (sequel to Loving You)

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sequel to Loving You

the last installment of the Draco Malfoy Love Story Series

the one thing that i will always remember about my father is the story he would tell me every night before bed of a forbidden love between two people.

a man and a woman fell in love with one another. their families were sworn enemies and so the man and woman didn't tell their families of their affection for one another. years went by and the two would sneak away to go on dates or even on short little adventures. until one day the man asked the woman to marry him. the woman, completely in love with him, said yes, not thinking about what her family would say.

a couple of weeks later the pair announced their engagement to their relatives, which started a large fight to break out. the woman's brother began beating the man with his fists. the woman broke down, falling to her knees, crying.

the feuding stopped as the two families stared at the black eyed man and crying woman. the two families realized that they were truly in love with each other.

the day of the wedding the two families shook hands before the ceremony, agreeing that the age old fighting between them would stop for the sake of the man and woman.

then my father would tuck my quilt tightly around me and whisper "véritable amour conquiert tout." which means 'True Love Conquers All' in French

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He and Dung have met before. He stole Sirius' spoons after he died and Harry yelled at him in Diagon Alley/Hogmeade.