Please Say Something (Kellic) ✅

Please Say Something (Kellic) ✅

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Kellin Quinn was your average little kid; happy and carefree. Until one day the tragedy changed him for the worst. His life turned upside down,  Kellin got sent to a foster home along with his sister and moved away from what he knew. He got into bad habits and kept his feelings bottled up. What else did he keep to himself? His voice.

Vic Fuentes was the same. Just young and carefree. He always had an eye for the little raven haired boy, grew up with a loving family and a brother that was always there for him. He's always been the outgoing kind of guy but his sexuality was a secret he kept from everyone but his younger brother. 

What will happen when these two reunite after 12 years? Will Vic be able to bring back the Kellin that he remembers as a young child? 

The cover was made by: @BrittanyLe3


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YaoiShipprFangirl YaoiShipprFangirl Oct 19, 2017
My sister and I are nine years apart and we've always been really close, now we're just inseparable
If I didn't just cry after watching a movie a few minutes ago my eyes would probably start watering by now
fzzchick1234 fzzchick1234 Jul 09, 2017
me and my brother are 20 years apart he doesn't live with me, he's married and stuff. but we are still super close, cuz we have the exact same interests ........... hes super nice :DD
ThePlanetaryGoHoe ThePlanetaryGoHoe Dec 30, 2017
My brother and i are 10 years apart, we get along amazing yet im alot younger than him, and he still treats me like a smol child so eh
PatricksThrownFedora PatricksThrownFedora Aug 30, 2017
Wait... I thought the dream was like a flashback ? I guess not?
Theoriganalmemester Theoriganalmemester Jul 02, 2017
I heard running water while reading this, coincidence muchhhhh