A Kiss.

A Kiss.

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A Kiss is just a kiss isn't it? Piper thought to herself as she laid in her hard bunk.
She kissed may people over the years.
She kissed Larry she liked kissing Larry.
Problem is that Larry is well kind of...boring..He's  safe but boring.

Piper also kissed Alex.
She liked Kissing Alex..
Piper admitted to herself that she love kissing Alex way more than she liked kissing Larry.
I mean Who wouldn't like Kissing Alex?..
After All Alex is sexy she's not safe in fact she's dangerous which make her fun and exciting.

Larry or Alex that is the question that keeps Piper up at night.
Safety and boring or Sexy and dangerous. 
Piper knows she has to choose but which one?
Piper knows one of them will be left heartbroken.
Which on that is the question.

To Be Continued...(If you like it I'll keep writing)

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bands0music bands0music Jul 07, 2017
Ok I'm straight and I'd make out with her... it's Alex Vause..
SuzyBibb SuzyBibb Jan 15, 2017
Please continue your Relationship with Alex Vause Please Piper