Kissing Booth

Kissing Booth

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Maria Alarcon By Mariaalarcon12 Completed

He leans closer to me and tilts his head. 

His lip press to mine and I feel his mouth part. I part mine too and our tongues rage wars against who will be dominant. 

He wins and his tongue starts to move around my mouth. 

I grab his neck and he reaches over for my hips. 

I pull away for a breath and start to tilt back for some more, but then a siren rings through the air. 

"Well times up Cassidy. I'll see you around." 

My eyes are bulging and my legs are shaking. 

Andrew smiles and puts on some sunglasses, stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking over to his friends where they clap him on the back and scream at him. 

Cassidy is a 16 year old girl with 2 boyfriends and doesn't want a 3rd. 

Her life is perfect. Her 2 boyfriends don't know about each other and her bestie is the best person to hang around with. 

But everything  changes when Barbra (her mom) tells her that she's working at the kissing booth.

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YhungLeslie YhungLeslie Dec 08, 2017
I spy with my little eyes a thot...👀👀👀 any1 see her
HoOforever HoOforever Jul 26, 2017
I've never seen a story told from the view of a cheater. It's actually kinda interesting.
R0YALTYO9 R0YALTYO9 Mar 11, 2017
So kissing in a booth is not kissing in real life???? What is it a video game?😕😂
_SuperWolf _SuperWolf Jul 04, 2016
Best Chapter EVA!!!
                              Also LOVE the last name- it's like a combination of Alircon and Falcon Yezzz, that was a compliment
editteenwolf1 editteenwolf1 May 31, 2016
I'm sorry I read so many books over the past couple of weeks. I will try to star your book but it won't let me. I'm really sorry. But I'll comment and try to star it.