Unconditional (Completed)(Erotica)

Unconditional (Completed)(Erotica)

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Black design wiz Kerstin London knows all about success. She's transformed herself from a no good daughter to a multibillionaire, and she's only thirty-three at that. What she doesn't know about is how to get a good man, a man who won't be intimidated by her wealth. Her love life has been a series of romantic train wrecks due to her mom sending men her way. What disaster will her misguided mother lure her into next?

Kerstin wants to find just one good guy who will respect and love her the way she deserves-but is he out there? Her good for nothing mother pushes her down every chance she gets. What's she doing wrong, she constantly wonders. Finally, it looks like pure bliss is just around the corner or is it?

Affection without any limitations, without conditions. Things get a bit steamy before he learns it's not as hard as it seems. Anything for her he'll do in return for her heart. Thinking of love as an action, not a feeling.  Real love, true love, were his concern for somebody else's happiness, health, welfare, and safety, are greater than his own concern for himself. Is he truly ready for all of that?

Every man truly wants a woman to call his own...

This is the best book ever except the mature content but the story itself says alot👏👏👏