He made Her smile again

He made Her smile again

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"You ruined my life,"  he told me.

"No I didn't Cole, you were so blinded by anger that you weren't even thinking straight!"

"You don't know anythi-"

"Yes! Ye, I do Cole. Did you ever think to just ask me?"I asked finally getting the chance to say what I wanted to say to this idiot.

His stance faltered. "What?"

"I was nice,  wasn't I? I didn't actually need the job, right?  Well, why didn't you just ask me if I could give you the promotion? If you told me what happened I would have given it to you no questions asked. But you were so blinded by your stupid anger you decided to plan some diabolical scheme and ruin my life!" I shouted, leavetears building up.

He stayed silent.

"You just wanted someone to take it out on because you were hurting Cole and what you don't understand is that I didn't do anything wrong. I got the job at the diner so that I could raise money for the animal shelter across the street. I wanted to work for it not just get some from my parents because it didn't feel right. I was just trying to be a good person." 

I let out a sob.

"I-i didn't know that, I just-"

"You just acted like an absolute bastard and hurt me in so many ways. I left my home because of you. Did you know how it felt? I had just been played by the one I thought loved me,  you told everyone what happened with my brother and I had to leave. But I guess you got what you wanted, right?"

When Amira Heartley is humiliated by the one she once thought loved her. Her cheerful and positive attitude changes. She becomes a girl who is stubborn, lazy, rude and a girl who never smiles.
Until she meets her childhood crush again, Jason Joseph, who makes it his mission to turn her frown upside down.
Can Amira let go of the past?
Can she ever smile again?
And can she maybe feel love too?
Let's find out.

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