Jurassic World

Jurassic World

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Ya Boi, Skinny Penis By agirlinsomefandoms Updated Apr 17

"Aye, don't mess with them, mate."

"Yea, she's right. They can smell fear, y'know?"

The white haired man rolled his eyes secretly but forced a sideways smile. "Of course." He said with a chuckle as he turned back to the two raptor trainers, who gives weird looks at each other before looking back at the man.

Blue growled at the man, angry that he was taunting him before stomping off to find his brothers. "And what might your names be?" The man asked. The sandy, brown haired man held out his hand, his tan skin shining in the sunlight.

"Owen Grady, former Navy man." He introduced as the white haired man shook his hand. The girl held out her hand, smiling slightly.

"Ace Hutchins, former Navy SEAL."

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AerialBlues AerialBlues Apr 21
Yup. I would definitely not be stupid enough to dangle my feet over that. 😳
I_Am_A_Hotdog I_Am_A_Hotdog May 02, 2016
Aaaahhh I love German Shepards I have 2... Lily and Joy my girls.
Velociraptor_Squad_ Velociraptor_Squad_ Feb 03, 2016
Okay that's sad and another thing I LOVE GERMAN SHEPARDS!!!!
frostedclouds45 frostedclouds45 Jun 26, 2015
I would put a bit more detail in where they are. I feel like you kinda skipped around a bit so I got confused. Other than that, great work. (I do the same thing ;P)
Eeseethemage Eeseethemage Jun 25, 2015
The girl in the image looks exactly like my friend Emily... Creepy