An Electric Powered Love! Pikachu X Pikachu! Reader

An Electric Powered Love! Pikachu X Pikachu! Reader

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Pikagirl in the Poke World! By Pikagirl439 Updated Jun 13, 2016

As our heroes were on a vacation, Team Rocket appeared and injured a Female Pikachu! After the fight, the gang took it to the Pokémon Center, then Serena and Bonnie decided they would BOTH take care of the Electric Mouse! They named it (Name), and a new addition to the team was made!

As the vacation continued, (Name) started feeling something for Ash's Pikachu, and so did he! And many things took turns for comedy, action, and romance! But a few unexpected things made things a bit difficult, especially when a certain letter comes in...

**I DO NOT own Pokémon The Series: XY, or Super Smash Bros. 4(just to clarify)! You are also able to understand what the Pokemon are saying, so have fun! I hope you enjoy the story! See ya, Fellow Grasshoppers!!! WA-TAAAAH!!!!!**

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Cleril16 Cleril16 Jun 07
Pokemon logic: Takes trainer's 3 seconds to get over finding out a pokemon's Gender.Takes other pokemon 58447744 years
Cleril16 Cleril16 Jun 07
Helping the local townspeople fills you with DETERMINATION...
Skypai Skypai May 20, 2016
Nurse joy : there's nothing we can do I have to put it down * gets out a shotgun* XD sorry but that's what I could imagine while reading this part
ElinaViolets ElinaViolets Mar 20, 2016
Wow, thank you for your observationskillz captain obvious -.-
get_a_gun get_a_gun Sep 01, 2016
Nurse joy: *is calling other Nurse Joys* So we got a friggen' hybrid on our hands....
                              Everyone else: •_•
                              Wigglytuff: Yo, that thang dead...
Lexanite Lexanite Aug 01, 2015
I really like your story!!! Hope you update soon!!! And I'm a raichu girl hahahah I evolveded cx nah jk.