Tenma ran away

Tenma ran away

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Anitoonslover! By JoFreak Completed

Tenma and Shinsuke was late to go to soccer club room. Before they enter the clubroom, Tenma felt hurt hearing his best friends, teammates, family talks bad about him. He ran away ignoring Shinsuke shouting.

The others ran out from the clubroom and Shinsuke started scolding them. But they didn't know why they say all those bad things, it's like it's not their own mouth. Shinsuke was kinda confuse after they said that, but he didn't say anything and just ran to search Tenma. The others also search for Tenma.

When they went to his house, Aki said that he hasn't been home yet. They all shock to hear that.

Where could be be?

What is he doing?

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