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-Ashley- By McCalloftheNight Completed

It all starts with a bite. A bite turns you. A bite is considered "a gift". But not to Alexandria Chase, a newly bitten werejaguar who struggles with her past and her current unknown ability that puts her as the number one target of a hit list, a dead pool. 

A dead pool that puts a price on all of the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, home to many werewolves, banshees, kanimas, kitsunes, werejaguars, and even wendigos. All of them are now threaten when an elusive benefactor funds dozens of assassins to claim each of their lives.

In the midst of death and friendships, will Alex be able to use her skill to the advantage? Or will it cause her to crash in its torturous wake?

[Season 4]

*** Disclaimer: I do NOT own Teen Wolf nor any of its characters or plot related lines. But I do own Alex. She is my creation along with her plot.***

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- - Mar 19
Only complaint so far is the faceclaim. Tyler Hoechlin is several years older than Danielle Campbell (plus she's a little overused) so I'd say she's a little young. The story is great so far but that's literally my only complaint.
emaIines emaIines Apr 25, 2016
I know this has nothing to do with the book, built what's Lauren from 5h's last name?