Don't Panic || Liam Dunbar || 01

Don't Panic || Liam Dunbar || 01

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Isabella Kaiser's parents are dead.
Killed right before her eyes. 
When she moves to Beacon Hills to live with her aunt, she thinks she's okay. 
But she's not.
She never will be.

She's bitten. Bitten by the killers of her parents. Bitten by a pack of werewolves who never wanted to be werewolves.  

The pack's goal is to kill every werewolf and any supernatural that befriends one. They find her in Beacon Hills, and they sense a True Alpha, Scott Mccall. 

Isabella and her new friends do everything in their power to get rid of the hunting pack. But that's not the only problem. Her first full moon is near. 

And she's panicking.
©MTV owns Teen Wolf, not me. I only own the places and characters not mentioned on the show.

Yeah your parents just died
                              I mean anyone can just move on from that 😑
I honestly hate when people I don't know hug me and say "you've grown up so much, I remember when you were a baby" and I'm just standing there like 'who tf is this woman'
-aerostan -aerostan Sep 15
im more of a distressed jeans with a white crop top and checkered sneakers kind of girl
Well damn. That is a great way to start off a book😂 I honestly love it already
crpplzo crpplzo Apr 03
Wait so I'm confused, was she bitten? Is she going to turn? Kahfnskag
notqueenbella notqueenbella Mar 01, 2016
Lol my name is Isabella and this statement is true I am tired😂