Loki x Reader 'Useless'

Loki x Reader 'Useless'

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DinShinohara By DinShinohara Updated Jun 05, 2015

*Authors Note:
Hello! This is my first story about Loki x (You)!
Ummm...have Fun? :D
(h/l)= hair lenght
(h/c)=hair colour
(e/c)=eye colour*

You were sitting on your Bed in the big dark castle and your (h/l) (h/c) Hair fell into your face as you were thinking about the past few months.

It was a normal day  when you got home from work. You lived in a rather big house in the woods,all alone. Your parents died when you were 11 years old by an car accident and then your aunt took care of you. But she hated you and you hated her too. She was drunk every time you got home from school and she started to beat you up and saying nasty things to you like "Your parents commited suicide because they didn'n want such a dumb child". You knew it wasn't true but it still hurt you mentally. On your 18th Birthday your aunt finally left you to live in a big city with a man she loved. 

So here you were, 27 years old alone in the woods with no one to talk to. You worked as a librarian so you usually were alone too. So you got home from work  prepared your dinner when you suddely heared a loud CRASH...

Jinx7137 Jinx7137 Jul 20
Hulk??? We talked about this. Come on.  No sending people crashing to the ground. It injures them very severely.
Poor father. He's been thrown thousands of mile's, been put over my shoulder, and thrown onto a bed.
Imma just change my age to 20 cuz I love the age gap stories! Lmao
I am a weak potato how did I carry a full grown man with battle armor on?!
badboy675 badboy675 Jul 27
I use play football and we had to carry people larger then us and i'm a chick 😥😥