The Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest

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nikita ღ By dannii07 Updated Sep 11, 2010

When Jenny moves into her new home that happens to be near a forest she gets curious. But the thing is it's The Forbidden Forest.

 Locals have made it forbidden to enter because of the things that go on in the forest. weird noises, hunting eyes, cool air and a constant fog as well as the high tree's but thats not all. There have been sightings of fast moving objects and creepy shadows that can be seen from outside the forest. 

Anyone that has seen things like these they suddenly disappear without a trace. Jenny being the curious and fascinated girl she is and wanting to be the top story in the paper she goes into The Forbidden Forest and what she finds there may change her own veiw of life forever!  

Jenny has always wanted to get her own story on the front page of the paper. But this story might be too much for the locals to handle...