The Bad Boy's Rich Girl

The Bad Boy's Rich Girl

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Bish, wha?? I'm not telling you. By kissmethere- Updated Jun 29, 2015

She's rich.

He's poor. 

She's smart.

He's... ok.

She's pretty.

He's hot.

Piper Hollow and Ryder Anderson are on two opposite ends of the social scale. He's the partying bad boy who loves to get drunk. And she's the straight A rich perfectionista.

So how do these two meet?

It all starts with a...

"Move out of the way, rich girl."

This is how to be a heart breaker boys they like a little danger have you falling for a stranger and player saying I I  love you
taibell12 taibell12 Jun 01
Nooo she one of them girls mother says this mother says that just shut up already!!😩😩😩😩
taibell12 taibell12 Jun 01
Theres goes the sentence thats gonna activate everything eeeeeeee😬😬😬😬
Unicorns_Rainbows10 Unicorns_Rainbows10 Mar 17, 2016
Ummm, What's wrong with that. Either way, a girl shouldn't let a guy punch a girl either. Sexist much
Ash__Peterson Ash__Peterson Jun 07, 2016
When it said"growled", I was like is this an werewolf story..
ravioli_is_life_xx ravioli_is_life_xx Nov 01, 2016
Well don't count down like that *gives 'duh' look* just zone everytime 😂😂