Into the Dark (Completed)

Into the Dark (Completed)

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Anubis Nicole By Anubis27 Completed

It was dark until he lit the match. I thought he was lighting the way, but little did I know he was leading me to my death.


Luna Ludwig is one of the most average girls that you will ever meet.

Tate Marks is one of the most dangerous guys that you will ever meet.

They hate each other right away. They fight. They prank each other. They are just plain mean.

When Luna's ex moves back into town... well let's just say all men are territorial, even over their enemy.

Gangs, Lust. Betrayal,  and Secrets lead to someone's untimely death.

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BananananaBecca BananananaBecca May 16, 2017
I find brown eyes really beautiful because there are so many variations and accents behind the "boring brown". 
                              you could describe them in so many ways!
AWESOMEperson453 AWESOMEperson453 Apr 15, 2017
Did anyone else try to sing the rest of the paragraph to the theme song after reading that one line?
dramatichoe dramatichoe Apr 12, 2017
Freshies? Excuse me? I hope you mean freshman because marie gon catch these hands otherwise 🙄👐
Destiniexx Destiniexx Jun 11, 2017
Is luna from harry potter? Is that where you got the inspiration?
leukles leukles Nov 22, 2017
This guy said good morning to me once and I couldn't even open my mouth I just nodded like a idiot