A Deal with the Daredevil (Completed)

A Deal with the Daredevil (Completed)

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Dana By chocolatemuncher Completed

Casey Stratford and Ryder Cavanaugh are not friends. They're barely even acquaintances. But when Casey gets dumped and she's resigned herself to do everything in her power to get her ex back, even becoming an overnight daredevil, there's only one person who can help. 

Ryder Cavanaugh. 

Ryder Cavanaugh is spontaneous, reckless and irresponsible; he's everything she's not, but wants to be. So they make a deal. 

A deal that maybe, just maybe, has a chance of turning Casey into the town's newest daredevil. Or maybe, it'll just come back and bite her in the ass.

Cover made by: @BeyondCreative

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agibear12 agibear12 Jan 07
It is though, I personally love looking at graffiti, just not when its illigel😂😂
unknownbooklover01 unknownbooklover01 Jan 23, 2017
Idk why but she's already reminding me of hermoine from HP😂😂😂
elisia_123 elisia_123 May 11, 2016
You should have said, "I have seen better". the expression on his face would have been a perfect picture for framing lol hahaha
misswarrenwrites misswarrenwrites Feb 17, 2015
I like this "cute" meet. It's different, liked how Casey was closing up the library and Ryder was there graffitiing the wall of it! 
                              There's definitely chemistry there between them and I'm intrigued to see how it plays out :)
BrokenStarss BrokenStarss Jan 26, 2015
ooh damnn that cliffhanger at the end! I seriously loved this prologue, it was very intriguing c: good job
lizzymanda lizzymanda Jan 08, 2015
Has someone forgotten.."Don't talk to strangers and if they offer you a ride home don't accept it. There are bad people out there"??