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Aʟʟ Mɪɴe~[Various Yandere!Anime One-Shots]

Aʟʟ Mɪɴe~[Various Yandere!Anime One-Shots]

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StoriesThatWereNeverTold By STWNTstories Updated Aug 14, 2016

[REQUESTS ARE OPEN] Yandere (ヤンデレ) is defined as strongly infatuated or lovestruck. For them though, it is defined as obsessed, possessive, and breathtakingly in love with you. Will you escape your Yandere? Or will he make sure you are forever, "All mine"

BeYourself_789 BeYourself_789 May 17, 2016
Could you do a Yandere! Kanato Sakamaki x Dandere! Reader? PLEAAASEEE~?
Do you watch bleach if so can you do a  yandere Ukitake x a really short innocent female reader with the song undisclosed desires by muse please (if you don't watch bleach can you do Sebastian from black butler)
nyancat4085 nyancat4085 Feb 20, 2016
Could u do yander!Natsu x reader. It's off this awesome show called Fairytail and I would really appreciate it.
flrtual flrtual Feb 01, 2016
May I request a Yandere!King x Reader? {He's from seven deadly sins by the way!} Just asking. ^~* You don't have to but I would love it. :p
Hey can you do a vampire Knight song fic of yandere!zero x innocent reader to the song dollhouse?
beasts_shadow beasts_shadow Aug 25, 2016
Could you please do Yandere Izaya x Reader of Durarara. Also maybe Yandere Italy x reader from Hetalia??