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Fallen Darkness (Yatori fanfic)

Fallen Darkness (Yatori fanfic)

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Olivia Valde By Livvalde Completed

{Note: guys, please stop pointing out things that were stated differently or have been mentioned in the manga. No I haven't read the manga, but I've told you countless times that the plot is completely independent and almost irrelevant to the one of the series, and that I only use the characters and some other things like Gods, shinkis etc. Thank you.} 

Hiyori has been having a hard time in her life. Her friends leave her one after another, her parents always yell at her, call her useless and tell her she can't do anything right, people at school bully her. Her life is too painful, she has reached her limit, she can't take it anymore, she has lost hope. One day though, Yato realizes something is wrong with Hiyori and he decides to do everything it takes to help her, as things start getting more interesting between the God and the girl...
  ~Second most popular Yatori fanfiction on Wattpad, exceeding 60 thousand views!~
  Thank you for getting this fanfic so far, it really means a lot to me. Enjoy ❤
  *Disclaimer: Apart from my two OCs mentioned in the story, I do not own the characters of this fanfiction or anything regarding Noragami. I only own the plot.

NejiFangirl NejiFangirl Aug 30, 2016
You poor thing *wipes tears away* Yato will come rescue you, just wait a moment... It's just that he's trying to kill the phantoms thats controlling your parents
denby_alyssa denby_alyssa Oct 26, 2016
This just like Nagisa Shingetsu from danganronpa ultra despair girls :c
FrostScope FrostScope Jul 19, 2016
Yato in distance: "that... Bitch." How dare they insult my goddess!? "SEKKI!" *slaughters bodies*
Ruki-sempai Ruki-sempai Feb 10, 2016
This is an amazing chapter. I'm reading the next one right away.
taexcomet taexcomet Mar 07
DONT WORRY! ILL HELP YOU. *calls Yato* Yeah...her mom slapped her. Okay just don't kill her. Okay bye *hangs up* you'll be safe now. 
                              Plz don't mind me :')
FlamingCrystal01 FlamingCrystal01 Dec 15, 2015
ok my heart is breaking for hiyori ;-; stop being mean hiyoris mum