My Possessive Beast Ex Boyfriend (On - Going)

My Possessive Beast Ex Boyfriend (On - Going)

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BlueMaiden_15 By BlueMaiden_15 Updated Jun 12, 2017

Chloe is vj's first love, but chloe had to go back home to the Philippines, while vj had to stay in korea. Then after long years.. Vj and his family has finally decided to go back to Philippines. And it is where Vj promised to find Chloe, he will find her whatever it will take. Though he don't know where to start because he don't know where chloe lives but he will still do his best to be with her again and he promised to himself that he will never give up. He will never give up in finding her and he won't let anyone to stop him even death. 

That's where destiny had intervened, and everything was so hard to understand. And vj and chloe's life had a hard time of figuring out what the truth is. But giving up isn't the answer so he keep on seeking for it. 

And when he found it, everything 
messed up again. She played her, used her, and he had hurted her. He was so blind for being with the girl he thought was his first love. If he could've known he wouldn't had done those horrible things to her. He said he'll find her and he found the wrong one. And it took years for him to realize that the girl he was looking for was not the one that he had found. He was so blind it was hard for him to see that the girl that he had loved for many many years is the one that he had hurted, played and the girl that he used. 

He wanted to fix it but it was too late for him, he deserved it. For breaking her heart, again and again, he had to face the truth that she had left him, and that he was too late to fix everything that he had done. But giving up is not on his dictionary, and he will wait for her to come back, he will stop himself from following her because he thought that she needed space and he will wait for the right time to do all of his plans. To fix everything between him and Chloe. 

Then the story of Vince James Cortez and Jasmine Chloe Marquez continues in...


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