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5sos boyxboy smut

5sos boyxboy smut

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mikey_clifford_bae By mikey_clifford_bae Updated Jun 03, 2016

Michaels POV-

I'm sitting on the end of the couch with Calum on my right side and Luke was on the other side of Calum. Calum was watching me play on my iPad and Luke kept looking over at us like we where distracting him from the tv show that Ashton and him where watching which we weren't.

"I'm going to bed guys" Luke said

"But it's only 10:00" Ashton says

"I know but I'm tired" Luke says and walks upstairs.

"You should go and talk to him" Ashton says to me

"Why?" I ask him

"Because he looked jealous when you and Calum where playing on your iPad." Ashton tells me

"Fine." I say

I walk upstairs to Luke's room and knock on his door

Luke's POV-

I hear a knock on my door

"Come in" I say

Michael walks in

"Hi" He says while sitting down on my bed

"Hi" I say back

"Umm no offence but why are you here" I ask him

"Because Ashton said that you looked jealous when me and Calum where playing on my iPad" he says

"W-why would I be j-jealous" I stuttered

I mentally facepalmed myself f...

"I do what I want, I'm punk rock" 
XCalumtheCatX XCalumtheCatX Dec 21, 2016
Whenever I read smut that says like: "I stroked him" or "she/he began to stroke me" I think of someone slowly and creepily stroking a cat while looking at you like; "yo I'll murder y'alls family with my bare hands."
blxry-fxce blxry-fxce Jul 03, 2016
Omf, that literally sounds like what someone would say about a puppy or something lmfaooooi