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Harleen Quinzel the 2nd.. (The Daughter of Harley and Joker)

Harleen Quinzel the 2nd.. (The Daughter of Harley and Joker)

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Lucy  Dilworth By SirensSilentSong Updated May 30

Harleen Quinzel the 2nd, and I am the product of a reformed psycho and an abusive jerkwad. Dad died from overdosing on Titan Formula but everyone knows that. What they didn't know was me. I was born in between the many times my mother "Harley Quinn" was locked up in Arkham Asylum and before stupid Arkham City. Cripes what a mess that was. I was only a few years old, like maybe four around the time the Mayor made Arkham City. Mom had been beaten to a pulp by my father again so they tossed her in the clink and somehow I had survived. Mom stayed in Arkham for a long time of her own free will to make sure she carried me safely. Well until she heard a guard mention that as soon as I was born the asylum would take me away from her. Mom left that night. Seven months along and still ninja like enough to get out and not be caught. In fact mom says they didn't find out till breakfast next morning. Guess they relaxed security on the pregnant psycho.. But anyway that's how I came to be. Let me tell you what came next.  

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Well from the context she got from Ivy and Harley it's easy to see how a little kid would get that impression.
aumulti aumulti Mar 03, 2016
Yessss this is great 😭👌🏻👌🏻 please update soon!