**COMPLETE** Diamonds and Scars (Harley Quinn & The Joker - Fanfiction)

**COMPLETE** Diamonds and Scars (Harley Quinn & The Joker - Fanfiction)

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Doctor Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist turned psychopath by none other than The Joker - The Clown Prince of Crime himself. The Joker was always going to be a challenge for Harleen, but she didn't expect him to react in such a way to her treatment. She ended up seeing things that nobody else got to see, a side which was kept completely hidden from everyone else. Harleen Quinzel was determined to 'fix' The Joker...but maybe it ended up going too far the other way. They developed a unique and unbalanced love interest for each other. When Harleen Quinzel eventually accepted her affection, she escaped with her 'puddin' and later took on the alias of Harley Quinn - The Joker's girl. The other half to his insanity. Their relationship proved difficult, but like any addiction...Harleen kept running back with open arms.

Some people will do CRAZY things when they're in love.

Hello! Welcome to Diamonds and Scars! My very first fanfiction! I hope you enjoy :) I'll keep it updated with new chapters as much as possible. Feel free to give me any suggestions or comments. I'd appreciate the feedback!  Harley Quinn and The Joker are my favourite characters in the DC universe and this inspired to write a fanfiction about them. I don't own the characters, I just decided to write for my own benefit and anyone else who would enjoy reading an alternate perspective of well known Batman characters.

Based on characters Harley Quinn and Joker from their Suicide Squad appearances. This fanfiction has Harley Quinn's origin story as well as some twists, turns and some completely new stories based on the Batman universe.

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5SecondsOfMoxley 5SecondsOfMoxley Mar 19, 2017
Omg, did you get this from The Joker Blogs? I love those 😍
Harley_Quinn4479 Harley_Quinn4479 May 25, 2016
I appreciate how you told use in advance and I also love your story it is really good