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Luna Ray By HappyLoveya Completed

It's a Boyxboy who the hell looks at the description these days ?!

Lmao I have those glasses. They're not fake though. I actually need them
karingkaron karingkaron Jul 26
For someone who refuses to give an outlook on their book, I wouldn't let everyone know that your book is racist and that you're ok with it.
I was thinking of saying this in spanish but then i thought i dont know spanish welp 'i hope this is a good fanfic i beleive in u' great i said that to a stranger sad face
MunchMite MunchMite Apr 19
I think it's funny when white people say nigga lol i try to get them to say but they're always scared they'll say it "wrong" and get beat up.
carlinjohn carlinjohn Mar 11
Omg... the grammar and point blank English in this book is horrendous. I honestly can't read this without mentally correcting every mistake made and it's driving me insane. But other than that, the story itself is good. :)
I am black and don't have a problem with it because it did not have the 'er' at the end