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Hannie-chan [OHSHC - Kyoya Ootori] -COMPLETED-

Hannie-chan [OHSHC - Kyoya Ootori] -COMPLETED-

99.8K Reads 3.6K Votes 16 Part Story
Writoku-san By MiuMiuChan Completed

Haninozuka Hannie, is the younger sister of Haninozuka Mitsukuni [Honey]. When Hannie enters the Host Club she meets charming Ootori Kyoya. Fallen in love at first sight by Kyoya she has difficulty loving him for she is already dead. The story revolves around Hannie the resurrected sister that falls in love with Kyoya and the Host Club but only one thing stops her. The decision between Life and Death. Will she kill her brother just to be with her lover or will she let her lover kill her so she can save her brother?

adeuuu- adeuuu- Feb 24, 2016
It from Idol Master Cinderella Girls. Her name is Futaba Anzu.
Sasaki_Rin Sasaki_Rin Oct 05, 2015
I know it's probably not what you intended but I might say her name "hah-nee-ay" so that it's different from Hani-senpai.'
ObsessedFanLol ObsessedFanLol Aug 07, 2015
Omg ur the writer for this? I read this song long ago  I can't remember but I think I liked it. Ahahaha
Nio_Ame Nio_Ame Dec 29, 2013
Please continue it got really good! For the sake of the readers!
MiuMiuChan MiuMiuChan Jul 25, 2013
@42redconverse  Gomenasai.. TnT I'm merely horrible at story writing.. especially this twin stuff.. I only did it out of fun. Forgive me but yet I will still continue. <3 <3
42redconverse 42redconverse Jul 23, 2013
I don't want to sound like a know it all but since I'm a twin I think you should know too. Hannie and Honey can't be identical twins because they are not the same gender; instead they would be fraternal twins. Besides that I really like your story and please update! :)