A Pearl Of Wisdom (#Wattys2016)

A Pearl Of Wisdom (#Wattys2016)

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AllisonWhitney By AllisonWhitney Updated Jan 31, 2016

Anise never thought she would leave her father's house and orchard. She never thought she was very beautiful but she is chosen to be a concubine for a new prince. There is love, romance, mystery, and intrigue waiting for her in the castle.

....."Please stop! this is a mistake I just want to go home" I plead. He starts laughing as if I told him a funny joke.

"I don't think so girlie!" He replies and then slaps my face with his hand. It was not too hard of a slap but the rings on fingers scratched my face. He then licks my cheek where he scratched and slowly moves his mouth closer to mine and and gently presses his lips against mine. I thought it would be more rough but I am surprised with the gentleness of it and feel myself melting and the need to catch my breath. "I do not think I will be able to get enough of you" he says......

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kenn3yyy kenn3yyy Jun 20, 2017
Cerulean. The blue crayon with the name no one can pronounce🖍🖍
rickrodan1000p rickrodan1000p Apr 10, 2016
Lol. I misread and thought you said two lungs. I was going to comment that it the same in the real world two.
mea923 mea923 Jan 12, 2017
I'm hooked!! From this line alone. Looking forward to an interesting journey through this book.
Rainbow_Bubbles Rainbow_Bubbles Jan 22, 2016
Just a quick comment and I promise I'm not trying to be mean because I can tell I'm going to really like this book.
                              We already have two lungs. You should say "two sets" instead of just "two" to make it clear.
                              Again, LOVE THE STORY SO FAR! Very original and really good writing style!
cheetachickies cheetachickies Nov 19, 2015
Hey i like the way you write! Just a small tip, make this chapter a bit longer with maybe one or two sentences because now it stops quite abruptly