Captivating The Uncrowned Prince

Captivating The Uncrowned Prince

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CamillaEldridge By CamillaEldridge Updated Sep 13, 2017

I was about to move out from the bed, when I realize
I was all naked! I grabbed the thin white bedding and wrap it around me. "Where
are my clothes?!" I was frustrated. Aching and naked body? God! Did I just...?


"Your clothes are out in the laundry. Just use my
clothes first" the voice startle me. A white man with perfectly chiseled abs
and handsome face with...nothing but towel. Uh-oh. I think he's...


"Eyes up Miss" he said, he was drying his hair and I
was red as tomato!


Did I lose my virginity to him? He's hot I know...but...ugh!


"What happened?" I hissed. 


He stopped drying his hair and tilt to look at me.
He frowned, "You do not remember?" he asked.


"Can't you feel anything strange to yourself?" That's
it! I slapped him hard. "How dare you take advantage of a drunk woman!" I

"What if I get pregnant? Or worse have a disease?!
Are you not thinking?! Did you use protection? Or never did mind my health at
all you pervert man!"


He was holding on his side of the face, the side I
slapped, he was shooting glares at me while my shoulders raised up and down
because of the anger I felt.


He looked straight to my eyes, that was the only
time I saw his handsome face-clearly. "We
did not had sex" he emphasized every word.

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jamescarlos0917 jamescarlos0917 May 13, 2017
Hi did you update this one? I was done reading this one before, and i love to re read it bcoz i love the story but somehow it was left unfinish. Can you update again pls.
keeyathieee keeyathieee Sep 17, 2016
We did not have sex**
                              There cannot be two past tense in one statement
MaryFahey MaryFahey Feb 10, 2017
I'm curious about both characters and will they console each other.
annmariemirembe17 annmariemirembe17 Nov 14, 2015
Why the hell do u keep saying white man or black man with ur racist ass
tydnyf tydnyf Mar 05, 2015
this really begins great. I am sure I am going to love this story. :)
Aljen1521 Aljen1521 Jan 19, 2015
can't wait.. hoping it is a happy ending for Jeane and Katherine. thanks ms. Camilla. God bless. more power! more updates to come! :-D