Transgender Tips

Transgender Tips

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Spence By for1person Updated Sep 25, 2016

Being transgender isn't something you can control. It's just the way it is. 

Do you have a friend that is transgender and don't know how to support him/her/them? I'll tell you.

Are you transgender and just want to read someone else's opinion? Read away.

Are you questioning your gender? Then this book might help you understand a bit more. 

This book is coming from someone who transgender. 
If you have questions DM me and I'll answer them the best way I can.

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Euphoria is the feeling of comfortableness with your body. (Not many people know the word.)
I hate every thing to do with myself.😉👌👍👍👍😄😄😊
Technically trans* is like drag and propel put that little star there to differentiate. And drag isn't the same as trans. Hence the this *
What about gender fluid? Or demi-boy/girl? those terms aren't there
rxsonance rxsonance Oct 11
Extra thing: This is viewed by a lot of trans people as offensive, so please be careful if you use it!
bubge_pi bubge_pi Aug 31
Nonbinary: someone who's gender doesn't fit/fall into the binary (male and female). There's agender, genderfluid, and genderqueer, bigender (which is a branch off of gendefluid), and questioning!