Transgender Tips

Transgender Tips

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Being transgender isn't something you can control. It's just the way it is. 

Do you have a friend that is transgender and don't know how to support him/her/them? I'll tell you.

Are you transgender and just want to read someone else's opinion? Read away.

Are you questioning your gender? Then this book might help you understand a bit more. 

This book is coming from someone who transgender. 
If you have questions DM me and I'll answer them the best way I can.

In ftm and I told my guy friend and he said "wow the list of people i would go gay for just went up by one" XD
2 genders. Why do people have to screw up something as simple as that?
Someone please advise me I'm transgender and don't know how to tell my family cause I don't think they'll accept it and my friends while they try and I appreciate it do not understand
DaAnimeLyfe DaAnimeLyfe Jul 20
That's like saying that if a unicorn turned into a pegasus you'd still call it a unicorn
If someone came out to me I would've freaked out and if this person thinks of it in a negative I'll obviously make sure they know I'm so excited because it's an HONOUR TBH
Treat them like a Pokémon. If your Pokémon evolves, you call it the evolution. If someone tells you they are trans*, you call them the proper pronouns.