Love is not weakness (clexa) book 1

Love is not weakness (clexa) book 1

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maywemeetagain100 By Maywemeetagain100 Completed

When Clarke gets told she must go to the ground all she can think about is survival nothing else, that is until she meets Lexa the commander of all 12 grounder clans.

what will Clarke give to survive? and will that even be enough.

as they say "the calm before the storm" well the calm never last long... just to warn you

start: 23rd April 2015
finished: 3rd December 2015

Katyxxoo Katyxxoo Oct 17
I like this story but please try to correct your grammar, I saw a ton of mistakes and also, don't rush through it. Describe each event thoroughly before moving onto the next. They are the only things putting me off the story, other than that, I love it!
ZouZou347 ZouZou347 May 13
Okay before I start reading this series I need to know if it's the same as the TV show or it has sth new in it? Thank you.
Ssttooppp Ssttooppp Oct 24
I'm a little confused as to why Lexa would be out there on her own but I'll manage
The writting is a bit messy and there are a few gramatical errors but its a good first chapter
mikten mikten Oct 26, 2015
Few grammar errors (to "two" to "too") but it's really good :)