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Our People (the Third Book of the Her Weakness series)

Our People (the Third Book of the Her Weakness series)

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The_Sarcastic_Dork By The_Sarcastic_Dork Completed

Lexa wants the Sky People to join the Coalition and become the 13th clan. Some like the idea, while others are weary. Clarke and Lexa come up with a perfect solution: travel the twelve clans after a meeting in Polis. It'll give them time to relax after going through so much, time to prove once again that the SkaiKru is a good ally, and time for Lexa to be among her people.

Will the Sky People successfully join the Coalition? Will Clarke and Lexa ever have peace and quiet?

CLforever124345 CLforever124345 2 days ago
I voted after reading the first chapter!! Writers like you inspire me to write my own fanfictions so thank you ;)
asmithFTWD asmithFTWD Jun 16, 2016
Hey I'm in MI too! We barely had snow days this year at my school as well
gameoffandoms gameoffandoms Jun 19, 2016
Pfft no... its an old earth hero's SHIP... and its called the Argo II (pjo ref)
wal1220 wal1220 Jan 25
No.Let's be like Pike and be incredibly prejudiced to the point where we kill innocents.JK
neon-raindrops neon-raindrops Jan 20, 2016
Awesome! Can't wait to see what the people say and how everything goes after. Update soon!
OutThereLesbian OutThereLesbian Jan 19, 2016
I swearif know one knows tat Argo as Xena's horse im gonna be so mad but gg on that add