Merthur - Arthur's Secret

Merthur - Arthur's Secret

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Merlin AU 

Due to Nimueh using sorcery during Arthur's birth, Arthur was given the gift of magic. He has never told anyone. As Arthur and Merlin become closer, Arthur tries harder then ever to ensure his secret is never revealed. What will happen when Merlin finds out?

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.

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ladyawesome45321 ladyawesome45321 Jul 07, 2017
So I know they have a king Arthur and Merlin and such on OUAT but I really want a crossover between that show and Merlin because they both seem to follow the "magic comes with a price" rule. And I would love to see Rumple vs Merlin and Uther trying to execute Regina or something. I dunno....
Whirlpool_Of_Ink Whirlpool_Of_Ink Nov 28, 2017
I’m reading this after Love In A Time Of War, and that smashes my heart into a thousand pieces, so I’m scared
Guide to knowing that whoever servant mentioned in the fanfictions isn't Merlin: 
                              He never stands patiently by the door with his hands in front of him
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Jun 08, 2017
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know, put on a show, make one wrong move and everyone will know
theEXOlife_ot12 theEXOlife_ot12 Nov 19, 2017
I wonder why Merlin never "vanishes into thin air" when he needs to🤷
Emotionless_Prodigal Emotionless_Prodigal Sep 15, 2017
Did you know that when Arthur dies he mouthes I love you to merlin it was confirmed by Bradley who played Arthur