My Angel is a Demon (Reader insert) [UtaPri & Black Butler crossover]

My Angel is a Demon (Reader insert) [UtaPri & Black Butler crossover]

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Inokori_Sora By Inokori_Sora Updated Dec 31, 2015

You are a half demon, half human. Your father is a King of Demons who is different from other demons. He feast on fresh flesh while others feast on souls. His eyes glow bright red while other demons glow bright pink/purple. 

Your mother is an idol who is compared to a goddess of beauty. She is very kind hearted and her voice is really charming.

You go to Satome Academy but you isolated yourself in order to keep your secret.

A/N: I'm suck at description so please read the prologue and it'll explain more.

HaiLizzy_24 HaiLizzy_24 Apr 24
Wow black butler and utapri? Never heard of that combination, I cant wait to read more!!!
vocaloidFOREVER6 vocaloidFOREVER6 Jul 08, 2016
Omg! I dreamed about me being a half demon half human before! Glad someone is finally writing about! And the way you wrote this is almost how my dream was!
                              Creepy but cool at the same time! It's like we are connected some way! 
                              Sorry if I'm weird, I'm like that and love your story so far! ^^
Inokori_Sora Inokori_Sora Apr 19, 2015
@KThoughts  Wow!!! I did wrote Angle!!!!!! Thanks for Reminding me ^-^