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X-Men Preferences

X-Men Preferences

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ShadowWolf224 By ShadowWolf224 Updated May 19, 2015

WARNING: This is my first story. It will probably suck.

I will write preferences for Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, and Pyro. And I am taking requests

MelleWindsor MelleWindsor Jul 19, 2016
I'm a bit confused. I guess with Quicksilver you've mistaken Marvels Quicksilver Pietro with X Mens Quicksilver Peter...and since these are x men preferences...but other than that I liked it😊
TaraMullis TaraMullis Aug 15, 2016
Hey can u add a couple new ones they would be:
                              Colossus/Piotr Rasputin(he's Russian)
                              Iceman/Bobby Drake
TaraMullis TaraMullis Nov 05, 2016
And can u add these characters to please?:
                              Logan Howlett(Wolverine),Bobby Drake(Iceman),John Allerdyce(Pyro),Alex Summers(Havok),Peter Maximoff(Quicksilver),Piotr Rasputin(Colossus),Warren Worthington(Angel(X-men Apocalypse version)
NovaNaut NovaNaut May 11, 2016
                              Neither of them are underlined 😂😂
death_bringer death_bringer Apr 18, 2015
Can you do something like: you find out there a mutant (you have been a couple for a awhile maybe and you find out on accident)