Untamed (Sequel to Unleashed)

Untamed (Sequel to Unleashed)

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Some Girl ^_^ By honeyloveytee Updated Jan 12

It's been a month since Anna ascended her powers, powers that will help her end an age ol battle between witches and wolves, that dated back, way before she was even thought of. 
One month since she found out that her parents, the parents that had raised her since she was a baby weren't her parents, but her uncle Robby who she cared for dearly before he passed was in fact her father, a powerful white wolf, who, after her mother (a powerful witch), died saving her, figure it would be best to put her in a witch 'witness' protection before she ascended her powers.

Anna never asked for any of this, all she wanted to do was hang with her two best friends, avoid the school's head cheerleader, and have cute picnic's by the stream with Harry. She didn't want to be a part of a legacy, a legacy in which would bond her and Harry together, a bond that Anna knows will backfire on them in the end. Anna knows leaving a normal teenage life will be an impossible plan, especially when David, a guy she has slight feelings for, from her dreams, surfaces in her world. 

Harry knew that he had nothing to worry about with Anna being around David. He trust her just as much as she trust him, but Harry knows that Anna's powers are getting out of control and he knows that the only person that can help her is David, and a 'friend' of his, a friend that Harry didn't care two fucks about. It's not until Harry has trouble getting to spend time with Anna, and she begins quote things that David says more and more that makes him think that David is up to something.

Is he really trying to help Anna, or is he trying to spark Angelica's feelings for him within Anna? 

Relationships will be tested, a side will be chosen, by Anna and Harry know one thing for sure.
Nothing will go untamed.

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1diswhatIlivefor 1diswhatIlivefor Apr 25, 2017
I used to love David but I feel like he has a thing for her now
David was all sweet nd awesome untill he called her attractive 🙄
ElBaker97 ElBaker97 Jul 23, 2015
Hi! I really love your work and ..... You rock :D 
                              But i want to ask you a favour, can you make a cool and nice  witch whos name is Elvira ( also Annas friend :3 please) 
                              Tnx and love you xxxx
CelesteAlfaro CelesteAlfaro Jun 12, 2015
This is amazing but dear god if something happens to Harry's and Anna's relationship I will not make it
hagylove hagylove Jun 07, 2015
I love your stories so freaking much! ♥ I even told one of friends about it and she's now reading every work of you♡
Followurdreams1111 Followurdreams1111 May 06, 2015
Can't wait for the sequel to begin ! It's going to be a good one !