Mafia of Mine [Under Editing]

Mafia of Mine [Under Editing]

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Let's be honest 
I was an unattractive pile of shit who had incredible tech skills.
Do I use them wisely
Nope. Not at all

That's how I had a gun pointed to my head and was forced to marry a douche bag Mafia

Luca Clementé had his life planned out leading the Mafia family was like lifting a pinky.

Until it was time for him to get hitched. He was not getting younger. 
25 was the ideal marriage age. Not to mention that trust fund that he had inherited when his grandfather made him his heir

Clementé men were known for being loyal to their wives and he would not make a mistake of ruining that reputation.

He would find himself a perfect wife.

But the Perfect wife found him

In the form of Dani Shaw.

morgan_103 morgan_103 Jun 23, 2016
Is it weird that I think that's the most awesome thing anyone has ever said?
yazzie0821 yazzie0821 Aug 14, 2016
The hair color and nose ring bothers me but other than that he's okay
sarahbear_11 sarahbear_11 Jul 23, 2016
I swear to god if she ends up getting kidnapped or dies I'm just gonna laugh
Itssandraxx Itssandraxx Sep 16, 2016
Might've as well give him your social security number,  your address,  and where you work/go to school whilst you're at it boo😉😘
Freakerina Freakerina Dec 16, 2016
I have photographic memory, and it really helps with phone numbers.
Freakerina Freakerina Dec 16, 2016
Me: Humans are animals. Technically, my argument is valid. 
                              Everyone: BBUURRRNN
                              Me: Shut up!