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The Light to His Darkness by theboywhosabrat
The Light to His Darknessby theboywhosabrat
Ruthless, heartless and a man with no weaknesses. That's what they say. Those steely grey eyes of his hold the vast amount of coldness, darkness and no emotion. Arroga...
Rosa by khennie1
Rosaby khennie1
Sitting on my laps in a way that my legs were at the middle of hers, with her facing me, I grabbed her butt as we continued kissing, pulling her closer to me so she coul...
A perfect love by Akshita_Raturi
A perfect loveby Akshita_Raturi
Riddhima Romano Runs with Eugene her boyfriend in 18 years of age manipulated by him. Eugene clear her mind of all the memories of her family. She forgets everything. Sh...
savior by evo_reinhardt
saviorby Evodie Reinhardt
Dalam semalam seluruh hidup Christabel Wright hancur. Dia ditinggalkan sendirian oleh kedua orangtuanya dalam kecelakaan fatal yang mengakibatkan dua orang yang paling b...
The Italian Billionaire by Ace_Nebula
The Italian Billionaireby Charlus Malfoy
"Tu Siamo il Mio Signora" Those words made her heart skipped a beat, Vittoria Caseli never knew that she will meet the cream of the top of Italy, the dashing...
To Have A Human Mate by xxXCyhenXxx
To Have A Human Mateby xxXCyhenXxx
When Cynthia Abe moves into the rural town of Lunar Vale with her grandmother and father, strange things start to happen around her. Cynthia only wished for a quiet life...
The Mafia's Blue Rose [Coming Soon]  by boredom_sucks1234
The Mafia's Blue Rose [Coming Xarya
Thea Russo is a young woman born into the criminal world. She is the daughter of the second most powerful Italian Mafia in America. On the outside, she's sweet and innoc...
The Prince of Darkness by JessicaNapier217
The Prince of Darknessby J. A. Napier
My name is Alyssa Van Helsing, the great great granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing. I am a Detective in Cincinnati by day and vampire hunter by night. As I make my roun...
From the Ashes I rise by mahi_trytowrite
From the Ashes I riseby Mahi
"Why are you back?" He asked when he saw her after a long time. The one who he wanted to forget, the one who he never expected to meet again, and see the game...
Alessandro Berni is a famous strategic communication leader with more than fifteen years of experience in art industry. He successfully convinced that clients are bigges...
Alessandro Calastri New York, NY: Haute Cuisine by AlessandroCalastri
Alessandro Calastri New York, Alessandro Calastri
Alessandro Calastri is a successful restaurant operator in New York City. Alessandro Calastri is a people-person who was able to turn his passion into his career.
Alessandro Berni Gallery Review: Best Shows of All Times by alessandroberni
Alessandro Berni Gallery Review: alessandroberni
Alessandro Berni is known as one of the most influential people in the art industry. While he is not an artist himself, he has helped those who have a keen interest in a...
Why Clio Art Fair and Alessandro Berni Gallery Review is Heaven for  Artists? by alessandroberni
Why Clio Art Fair and Alessandro alessandroberni
Being a budding artist, it can be a dream to showcase their talents. However, having a platform can be difficult. Alessandro Berni is known to be one of the art curators...
How Alessandro Berni Gallery Review Brings Art And Philanthropy Together? by alessandroberni
How Alessandro Berni Gallery alessandroberni
There are several new and budding independent artists who often flounder. This may happen not due to lack of talent but they may not have any good platform to showcase t...
Alessandro Calastri: Hospitality Career by AlessandroCalastri
Alessandro Calastri: Hospitality Alessandro Calastri
Alessandro Calastri is a successful restaurant operator who is looking to develop and improve the hospitality experience at his restaurant through his exceptional interp...
Alessandro Berni Reviews - Providing A Virtual Window To Art by alessandroberni
Alessandro Berni Reviews - alessandroberni
We all know that Alessandro Berni is a well-known art curator who is born in Italy. He brought ushered in the revolution in the field of contemporary art. In fact, he is...