Abigail is five years old when she visits the estates of one of her mother's dearest friends. Against her mother's wishes she travels into the forest and discovers a stream, along with a bear. Seconds from her death, Kayden, the sixteen year old brother of her mother's friend, rushes in to save her. However, now she's deeply and hopelessly in love with him and she knows that for the rest of her life she will be left to do nothing but wish they could be together. 
    Because there's no way Kayden would ever love her too, right?
abby.totman@gmail.com    That's awesome that you got to publish :) hope its selling like a wild fire :)
bethanyplatte@gmail.com   Congratulations on the book. That's so awesome!
I've read this like four times and it breaks my heart every time haha congrats, love xx
I loved thistory so congrats and i'll definitely be looking for a copy