My One & Only

My One & Only

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My name's Leeana Avinne Leighton, or what people call me - Leena.
I'm a 16 yrs. old, You can say I'm a shy type girl when I meet new people. 
What do I look like? I have dark brown wavy natural hair - I have emerald green shimering eyes and I'm 5'5 tall, My skin is white-ish brown. Maybe just in the middle. There was this group of Barbie dolls. (Mean girls) and they bullied me a lot, but I didn't care. I knew how to stand up for myself.
but One day, My life changed forever...
I met Dylan Ryhs Carter, he saved my life from all those doll'd up monsters (mean girls).. He then became my only guy bestfriend I never had in my life.
He was so caring, loving, and the perfect boyfriend material, and... I fell in love with him. but I NEVER told or mentioned it to him.. even once. I was too scared that our friendship might just...break down, like bricks. So I just chose to keep my mouth shut, and wait for the right time.. then this unexpected thing happened.. Oops, I'm not telling you. Go read to find out. ;)

He was the missing puzzle piece in my heart.. and my straw to my berry.

Check and Find out what happens next! (Don't judge a book by its cover or title!)

MaddiG62 MaddiG62 Nov 22, 2017
MaddiG62 MaddiG62 Nov 22, 2017
You need over 35 mins to get ready? I wake up at 6:50 and my bus comes at 7:10 and I still usually end up just sitting there after I’m done getting ready
- - Jun 10, 2017
How do you do that
                              I could say to myself
                              Only 5 minutes
                              But every time I'm in there for the next 2 hours
stoneynirvana stoneynirvana Sep 06, 2017
It takes an hour and a half to walk to school cause I live in the country but I take bus anyways
AfroitalianQueen AfroitalianQueen Dec 19, 2016
how can you shower for 3 minutes!?!?! 
                              I shower for at least 30 minutes
PrettyLegiit PrettyLegiit Aug 13, 2014
@0rdinary aw, thanks a bunch :) but sadly, this story is already completed. You can also check out my other stories (Being the Girl in Disguise and Why didn't he let me die) if you'd like. :) glad you like this story♥