Mr Horan [Niall Horan Teacher/Student Fanfiction]

Mr Horan [Niall Horan Teacher/Student Fanfiction]

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chelsea By NiallsMafia Updated Jul 26, 2014

If it weren't for Skylar Harris' boyfriend cheating on her, none of this would have ever happened. She never would have had her heart shattered. She never would have been dragged to a club by her best friend. She never would have went home with a stranger. But most of all, she never would have fallen in love with her teacher. Although, she can't seem to find it in herself to regret any of it.

Join Skylar on this crazy roller coaster of heartbreak, secrets, friendship and love. Buckle up, 'cause it's gonna be one hell of a ride.

Rated [R] - for sexual content and language

*Cover made by: @SammySaysSo (:

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1Dloverforever_NLLZH 1Dloverforever_NLLZH Apr 14, 2016
The last time when I read this was back in 2012-2013. I never finished this until now. Your really good at writing. I thought I would forget how good this fanfic is but I'm glad I didn't
StillMelo StillMelo Jan 15, 2016
Okay got bored decided to re-read this. Honestly think this will be my favorite Wattpad book of all time. Anyway I didn't know Matt was DYLAN OBRIEN?!?!?!? This changes everything 😂 @Nialls_smilexx
magicalxpegacorn magicalxpegacorn Nov 30, 2014
Is it weird that I love these kind of stories? Love it so far. Love when authors can spell correctly and it's easy to read! x
sheilazahra sheilazahra Jun 11, 2013
Omg finally you update! I've been waiting ths like for year! Haha.Thank god you update i feel like i would dead if you didn't update.Your fanfic is sooooo goooooddd,you such good writer! I love you so much! Sorry for my long comment,i start fangirling at you.X
TayloBakeoh TayloBakeoh Apr 23, 2013
This is the best story EVER.  You are an awesome writer!(: (: (:
Miranda0918 Miranda0918 Apr 15, 2013
Mr.Horan would be a good teacher :) he would give us food and I love food