Freeing Lilia

Freeing Lilia

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SMarie By SaoiMarie Updated Aug 26

She goes by many names. 

But there is only one name she wants to hide. A name being whispered throughout the land. Rumors are spreading of a warrior who has tamed a dragon. The First Dragon Rider.  

As a  woman used to betrayal and pain, Lilia finds her home in the company of the vicious Rainer Thieves.  The pain that haunts her is secondary as her life is filled with the danger of her job, and shared with the dragon bound to her soul. 

Then, war threatens to up-heave Lilia's life as forces that she cannot control collide and she finds herself separated from the dragon she is bound too and forced to join a strange group of the King's soldiers, where their leaders claims her as his

Fate has taken hold of her life and the journey is unforgettable.

** This is the story of Lilia Merek, the first RIder. The story is a stand alone book to my Rider's Series and can be read without reading that series.**