The Hit List

The Hit List

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✞ By Gilinskers Completed

❝Why do you hate me? Is the sexual tension too much for you?❞

❝Please, I wouldn't do anything with you if you paid me.❞

A bet made in ninth grade makes Jack Gilinsky a player. He has to sleep with every homosexual in his school before the day he graduates. He's gotten everyone on his list but one. That one seems to be putting up a fight.

Where tf they getting this money from bitch I barely got a dollar😭
How I actually described men at school. Jk we got like 5 good looking males, thank Jesus 3 of them in my grade.
My best friend tells this to a fückboy in our class😂😂
multiplefd multiplefd Aug 24
nuuuuuuuu, not my gay dad! he's suppose to be with troyyyyeeeee
I dedicate this to the petty ass bitches at school and my family.
I just screamed ew so loud and made a double chin😂😂😂 it's 1 am