Plus the General (An Akatsuki no Yona Fanfiction.)

Plus the General (An Akatsuki no Yona Fanfiction.)

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hyo By hyoyochan Updated Apr 21, 2015

Hey guys! This lil part's going to fill you in on the character I have made up, which means other than that, all of the characters and the anime itself DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. Just a disclaimer, really. 

Name: Sawa 

Age: 25

Rank: Han Joo-doh (Sky Tribe's general)'s First-in-command Soldier and personal bodyguard

Descriptive looks: Slightly pointed ears with several beautiful piercings, long dark hair, usually tied messily at the top of her head. Deep green eyes (ivy), long eyelashes with large eyes, just more feline sided. Thin, slender body, pale, milky skin. 

•older guys

-mountain bandits

Personality: two-faced. Kind, serious towards people who are older than her, happy and frightening: sarcastic: towards strangers.

Stuff you should know before reading: Sawa comes from a deceased family whom protected her from soldiers then died. She wandered around, ba...

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TheGirlTheyLeft TheGirlTheyLeft May 27, 2017
Yes...people are always asking why don't I cut my hair or why is my hair long or simply asks what my religion is(some religion has rules for girls to wear only skirts and not cut their hair)
mikuniaino mikuniaino May 04, 2017
older guys: jaeha/zeno(2000yrs old lmao)
                              gentle: shinah
                              rough: hak
                              strict: yoon
                              honest: kija
sasukira24 sasukira24 Sep 02, 2017
So then towards strangers who are older than her shes sarcastic in a serious way?
CDLJ00 CDLJ00 Aug 18, 2015
Same, I'm never EVER going to cut, he'll will freeze over twice before I do.
JMFelic JMFelic Apr 03, 2015
This is the first time ever I have seen a story that puts the character profile first. Good idea actually.  I like it. :)
LunamaHana LunamaHana Mar 15, 2015
I wondered... has Sawa always have a crush on Ju-Dooh for so long? I'm curious...