Wild Ambition

Wild Ambition

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Sarah Richards By girlonthecoast Completed

Born when her mother, Charlotte, was just nineteen years old, Rhiannon Blake has never know what's it's like to have a normal life. For starters, Rhiannon has no idea who her father is thanks to her mother, who's kept that a secret all her life. Rhiannon has no idea why her mother doesn't want her to know who her father is, but it's something she's going to find out one day when she finally turns eighteen and is free to leave her mother's non-existent care.

Other than not having a father, Rhiannon has also been moved to practically every city in every state because her mother can't stay in one place for too long. Whether that being because Charlotte has screwed up someone else's life or because she's tired of the town. This has caused Rhiannon from not being able to make that many friends.

Despite the lonely and hard life Rhiannon leads, she's never given up the ambition to find her father and at seventeen years old, she's only a year away from getting away from her mother and finding her father. 

But when her mother's wild ways catch up to her, things change and Rhiannon's ambition to find her father comes faster than she though it would. Rhiannon in now in a city she thought she'd never get to until she turned eighteen. Armed with access to people from Charlotte's past, Rhiannon feels happier than she ever did, now that she can find out the truth. And just why her mother doesn't want her to know who her father is. But after all this time waiting, will her father actually want to get to know her or will her father just be another disappointment like her mother?

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nolongerusethis nolongerusethis Jun 15, 2016
I'm on the first chapter and already I don't want to put the phone down!